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1 . 3-decanone may have a higher Rf value than 3-decanol, toluene will have a better Rf value than benzoic acid, and cyclooctane will have a higher Rf value than cycloctanone. The reason is , they are less polar since the substances with reduced Rf ideals, the substances that are many polar tend to stay for a longer time with the polar adsorbent, even though the least extremely compound moves with the eluent that is lower in polarity. installment payments on your TLC in today's experiment stands for Thin Part Chromatography. three or more. From least polar to the most extremely:

Heptane-Toluene-Acetone-Methanol-Acetic acid


four. The Rf (Retardation factor) is the rate of the range that the compound/mixture traveled to the distance the solvent/mobile phase journeyed. 5. By least Rf to the maximum Rf:

Benzoic acid – Benzaladehyde -- n-Decane

In the event the TLC were run having a more polar solvent, each of the samples is going to run too rapidly with the solvent front, consequently no separating will be achieved. 6. The molecular weight load of the analgesics used in this kind of lab will be as follows Junk Name

Molecular weight (g/mol)


one hundred and eighty. 17


151. twelve


206. 29


194. nineteen

7. A 500 mg tablet of Tylenol includes 3. 31x10-3 moles of acetaminophen. almost 8. A 50/50 mixture of dichloromethane and ethanol was included with the crushed analgesic tablets to fully melt the tablets because the whole tablet will not likely dissolve since it contained not only the junk, but also binders, buffering agents and other components that would not associated with tablet to completely dissolve in just a polar solvent. 9. It is advisable to mark the TLC plate(s) with a pad instead of a coop because the tattoo from the dog pen might move up the plate along with the substances being separated which would contaminate and spoil the chemicals being reviewed. Since a pencil is made from graphite and graphite is not aqueous (in solution, i. electronic. it is dry) it will not engross or move up the plate. twelve. A small centered...

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