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The Runaway Dolls is a book about two dolls which have been best friends. Their particular names happen to be Annabelle Doll and Jewelry Funcraft. When their owners, the Palmers, leave for holiday the plaything decide to get exploring. They will discover a secret package that arrived tackled to the Palmer's great grand daddy from more than one hundred years before. When Annabelle and Tiffany go to go to the package, they hear slightly voice taken from the box. They think there is a doll inside of it. Annabelle begins to imagine it could be her long lost sister who truly never appeared years ago.

They decided to go notify Annabelle's father and mother about the package trying to convince these people that they need to open it because they believe it could be her long lost baby sister. They don't believe Annabelle and will not go near the bundle. Annabelle and Tiffany opt to sneak down again and open the package. Inside that they discover Matilida May – Annabelle's long lost baby sister. They then make a decision that they are gonna run away together.

They start off their excitement by first finding a ride inside the neighbor's wagon. Along the way, Tilly May's hood flies out and Annabelle and Tiffany go after this. Before they can get back in, the neighbour boys take the truck away with Tilly May still in it. The good news is, Annabelle and Tiffany's brothers (Billy and Bobby) have been spying on them and they to were in the wagon with Tilly May. The young boys grabbed Tilly May and jumped from the wagon. When all the plaything joined backup, they made the decision that jogging away have been a dumb idea. They decided to follow the neighbor's males and try to jump back into the wagon, so hopefully they will get back home. The plaything went through various obstacles hoping to get back home, although almost received stepped as well as smashed. That they decided to leap into a female's stroller to get safety.

It went into a big department store where they decided to hide till nighttime. Sadly, the store...

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