«outsourced» Dissertation

Midterm #1: " Outsourced"



The same opportunity

When John told Asha that the girl was promoted because the girl was doing well, Puro was perplexed since in their tradition a man is generally promoted. John is from a lifestyle of equivalent opportunity and doesn't think carefully. Achievement and success

Puro makes a statement highlighting the American culture regarding their ideal daily lives. Americans am employed at a place they just do not enjoy for cash to achieve the position of accomplishment among others, although in India their lifestyle is about living for delight. Material comfort

The boss, Dave, keeps making comments of Todd losing his job and surviving in a small box, so Jake will do nearly anything he says. Improvement

Jake accidently attends the Color Celebration and actually experiences Indian traditions firsthand. Knowing how amazing India as well as its culture is usually Todd progressed culturally and personally. Todd's openness and vulnerability written for his sharp upward learning curve, and was important to his success there. Democracy and business

Todd asks the complete call center what would make all their job an improved atmosphere; he gives them the opportunity to vote on specific issues.


Social Control: any framework, process, relationship, or take action that leads to the interpersonal order. Ex girlfriend or boyfriend: Todd looking to teach the workers in India to speak in America's native language mainly because they would get more sales. Subculture: a group in the broader world that has beliefs, norms and a lifestyle unique from the the greater part. Ex: Social Structure: virtually any collective, social circumstance that cannot be modified by remote actions and so is fixed or given to the individual. Ex: Todd stored trying to pick up Asha's hand in public and she held backing aside because the lady noticed women glaring for them. Your woman told John to wring her side as if there is a business purchase in progress. In Indian lifestyle, it is prohibited to show any sort of affection to single females. Primary Group:...

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