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 Essay regarding Film Review on Signos

This Film Review is written for my Film Appreciation Course to be published to Mister. ** of Philippine Could University, College of Artistry and Sciences.


( 2007)

Genre: Suspense

Movie director: Alfred Aloysius Aldawan

Movie script: Alfred Aloysius Aldawan

Casts: Luis Alandy, Irma Adlawan, Lauren Novero, Nancy Castiglione, Ricky Davao, D. M. Sevilla, Chx Alcala, Eloisa Yap, Nicolette Bell, January Errol Cui



Louie (Luis Alandy) hails from Manila together with his wife (Nancy Castilogne). One day, he received a texting saying that his father, Ulding (Ricky Davao) had a heart attack. He raced to his hometown to check his dad and found away that the text message was a prank.

Whilst in his home town, he found that there are killings happening in their barrio plus the death from the victims are generally the same. The victims will certainly hear roaring noise then will be identified dead included in mud.

Louie great father are certainly not in great terms since his daddy married their housekeeper Cora (Irma Adlawan) after the loss of life of her mother. His father refused to live with him in Manila due to his new wife great new siblings. While Louie's in his hometown, he required the chance to visit the graveyard of his mother and on his way home, he lump in to his best friend Nestor (Lauren Novero). He learned that his childhood sweetheart, Elma (Nicolette Bell) who have became Nestor's wife was one of the patients of the secret killing inside their barrio. Louie stayed in their home for a couple of days and got to correct things together with his father, and little by little, discovered to accept his siblings, before the only guest in their resort died strangely, just like the various other victims, and then the loss of life of his step mother. After the tragic and unusual death, Louie got from the place by using his stage brother (DM Sevilla) yet his brother chose to be in the place.

Place & Time: a barrio in Visayas, Present period

Background: common probinsyana & probinsyano...

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