Feasibility Examine

 Feasibility Analyze Essay



Project or perhaps System Brand

Computer Anatomist Department

Bulacan State University

Month, Yr



Page #


1 . 1Purpose1-1

1 . 2Scope1-1

1 . 3System Overview1-1

1 . 4Project References1-1

1 . 5Acronyms and Abbreviations1-1

1 . 6Points of Contact1-1

1 . 6. 1Information1-1

1 ) 6. 2Coordination1-1


installment payments on your 1Environment2-1

2 . 1 . 1Organizations Involved2-1

installment payments on your 1 . 2Input/Output2-1

2 . 1 . 3Processing2-1

2 . 1 . 4Security2-1

2 . 1 . 5System Interaction2-1

2 . 1 ) 6Physical Environment2-1

2 . 2Current Functional Procedures2-1

2 . 3Functional Objectives2-1

2 . 4Performance Objectives2-1

2 . 5Assumptions and Constraints2-1

2 . 6Methodology2-1

2 . 7Evaluation Criteria2-1

installment payments on your 8Recommendation2-1

Site #

several. 0PROPOSED SYSTEM3-1

3. 1Description of Recommended System3-1

a few. 2Improvements3-1

a few. 3Time and Resource Costs3-1

3. 4Impacts3-1

3. 5. 1Equipment Impacts3-1

3. four. 2Software Impacts3-1

3. some. 3Organizational Impacts3-1

3. four. 4Operational Impacts3-1

3. some. 5Developmental Impacts3-1

3. some. 6Site or perhaps Facility Impacts3-1

3. 4. 7Security and Privacy Impacts3-1

3. 5Rationale for Recommendations3-1


four. xDescription of [Alternative System Name]4-1


NOTE TO AUTHOR: Highlighted, italicized text message throughout this kind of template is usually provided solely as history to assist you in creating this kind of document. Please delete almost all such text, as well as the guidance in every single section, ahead of submitting this document. SIMPLY YOUR PROJECT-SPECIFIC INFORMATION SHOULD CERTAINLY APPEAR IN THE ULTIMATE VERSION OF THIS DOCUMENT.

The Feasibility Study is used to provide an examination of the goals, requirements, and system concepts of the suggested system, including justification, routine, and end products. Throughout this analysis, the objectives of the system happen to be defined based on the necessary functions defined previously. A part of these program objectives will be the high-level practical and performance goals and any kind of assumptions and constraints. If the system goals have been identified, the various alternatives for fulfilling those goals are decided. For each alternate, the costs on time and assets are estimated. A determination is then made as to the the majority of feasible expansion alternative.


1 1 . 1Purpose

Describe the goal of the Feasibility Study.

a couple of 1 . 2Scope

Describe the scope of the Feasibility Analyze as it relates to the task.

3 1 ) 3System Summary

Provide a short system review description as a point of reference to get the remainder in the document. Additionally , include the subsequent:

1 . Responsible organization

installment payments on your System brand or subject

3. Program code

four. System category

1 . Major application: performs precise functions for which there is a conveniently identifiable secureness consideration and need 2 . General support system: gives general ADP or network support to get a variety of users and applications

5. Operational status

a few. Operational

four. Under advancement

5. Going through a major modification

6. System environment or perhaps special circumstances

4 1 . 4Project Recommendations

Provide a list of the sources that were used in preparation with this document. Examples of references will be:

7. Previously developed papers relating to the project 8. Documentation with regards to related tasks

5 1 . 5Acronyms and Abbreviations

Supply a list of the acronyms and abbreviations used in this...

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