Regions of a Computer

 Parts of a pc Essay


History of Ms * 1975 Microsoft founded

* January 1, lates 1970s Microsoft movements from Albuquerque, New South america to Bellevue, Washington 5. June 25, 1981 Microsoft company incorporates

2. August doze, 1981 IBM introduces their personal computer with Microsoft's 16-bit operating system, MS-DOS 1 . zero * Nov, 1983 Microsoft Windows declared

* Novenber, 1985 Microsoft Windows variation 1 . zero released

2. February 26, 1986 Ms moves to business campus in Redmond, Washington * 03 13, 1986 Microsoft inventory goes open public

* Apr, 1987 Microsoft company Windows edition 2 . zero released

5. August 1, 1989 Microsoft company introduces original version of Office suite of efficiency applications * May twenty two, 1990 Ms launches House windows 3. zero

* Aug 24, 1995 Microsoft releases Windows ninety five

* December 7, 95 Internet simply by launching internet explorer a web web browser. * 06 25, 1998 Microsoft releases Windows 98

* By. 13, 2150 Steve Ballmer named leader and ceo for Microsoft company * Feb. 17, 2000 Microsoft releases Windows 2150

* 06 22, 2150 Bill Entrance and Sam Ballmer describe Microsoft's. NET strategy for World wide web services 5. May 31, 2001 Microsoft company launches Office XP

* Oct. 25, 2001 Microsoft launches Or windows 7

* Nov. 15, 2001 Microsoft roll-outs Xbox

2. Nov. six, 2002 Microsoft and companions launch Tablet

* Apr 24, the year 2003 Microsoft launches Windows Storage space 2003

* Oct. twenty one, 2003 Ms launches Microsoft Office System * November. 22, june 2006 Microsoft roll-outs Xbox 360

* By. 30, 2007 Microsoft commences Windows Vis and the 2007 Microsoft Workplace System to consumers worldwide * February. 27, 08 Microsoft launches Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 08 and Image Studio 2008 * June 27, 08 Bill Entrance transitions coming from his daily role for Microsoft to spend more time in the work at The Bill & Melinda Gates Base * June 3, 2009...

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