Idalmy Santos

Professor Germinario

English Composition 1

22 October 2013

The Effects of Hiphop Music in Teens

Hiphop music has been online since the early 1970's. It probably is popular rapidly, and broadened to different elements of the world. From the beginning, the rap traditions has not been popular, but the people who do pay attention to it get hooked on this quickly. For instance , teenagers will be huge fans of rap music. Even though rap music is so popular, it is becoming an issue in society. It has had a adverse effect on teenagers that the public does not just like. Rappers go to town with their lyrics, which is that they bring their message around to their listeners. Teenagers make an effort living by lyrics with their favorite hip hop song. These types of teens do not realize that the emails sent to choices poisoning their minds. Most artists do not live by their lyrics, but that is what most teens have no idea. The negativity that rap music creates affects teenagers in a way that will alter their frame of mind and character by introducing them to a poor atmosphere. Hiphop music may possibly have an impact in teens that could drive all of them towards a criminal way of life. Rap music nowadays exposes many social problems that young adults can correspond with. Flavor Flav, a renowned legendary rapper once said, " I remember rap music. We utilized to party and dance off of it. Today it's everything regarding a whole several angle... Young kids are going against each other, and it's more of a boasting, boasting point. ” Meek Mill, a rapper by Philadelphia, is becoming well-known in every part of the United states of america. He has released his new combine tape, " Dream Chasers 3” which has become a well-known hit. Among Meek Mill's famed tunes from his new mixture tape can be " Ooh Kill Em” which is a mockery towards one more rapper, Kendrick Lamar. In this song, Meek Mill says, " You fuck about with me, obtain smoked such as a hookah. ” The line can be using the smoke people could puff with a hookah to work with the term " smoked” because getting taken, and most very likely killed....

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