Assignment04 Article

Lymaris Dalian Santiago

ID# AC1404116

CV10 Intro to Computer systems

Assignment #4 Business Proposal

May 6th, 2015



The following are the vital components that will be necessary for the business to achieve success: 1 . Laptop

2 . Tablet

3. Mobile phone

The computer to be used for internet, and data entry.

A processor of central finalizing frequencies of 2. 5 to three. 2GHz from AMD or Intel so as to increase its data control speed. 2-4 Gigabytes (GB) of randomly access storage (RAM)

Hard disk size of three Terabytes (3TB) for significant storage.

The computer's screen should be by least 1280x1024 resolution. The Tablet and smartphone are crucial for interaction purposes. They will both provide for online video conferencing as well as minor take note taking and data entrance. Additional Equipment:

1 . Colored Printer

2 . Desk Mobile phone

Optional Hardware:

1 . Laptop


The very best operating system is definitely Windows six.

This is certainly mainly due to the universal popularity and useful interface features such as:

High booting and processing rate. This will ensure faster finalizing of supply orders. Suitable for many other operating systems such as Landscape and Or windows 7. Lower hardware requirements that may save costs.

Good search and corporation features that can help locate misplaced files. This will help to to locate several client resort files easily. The presence of a task bar menu makes it to become easy to control and manage. Stacking characteristic that allows someone to drag a window into a particular area and this sticks immediately. It has feel ability intended for touch sensitive devices.

This characteristic will be essential especially when applying cloud traveling with a laptop devices like the tablets.


1 ) Mobile cloud computing devices





Cellular Hotspot (for tablet)

These kinds of devices can enable the organization owner to become mobile, continue to keep updated and interactive along with his customer through the new press....

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