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Sophie DeGreen

Sept 16, 2014


Section Review

That which was the function of the groupe in the English mercantilist system?

The English crown pursued mercantilist plans and expanded it for the America's throughout the Navigation Acts. The groupe role in the British mercantilist system was to produce raw materials and products. Then they might export that ONLY to Britain where it would be re-exported in finished goods.

Make clear the causes and the results from the Glorious Revolution in England and America.

One main cause of the Glorious Wave in England was James 2. He cut many politics authorities in the uk and rejected all their suggestions. When David II's Catholic wife a new son, the parliament had to do something in fear of an additional Catholic inheritor to the tub. They didn't want one other James 2, and that is at store except if the rebelled. Protestant bishops and parliamentary leaders inside the Whig get together led the rebellion, saved by the most the people as well as the military. This resulted in James' daughter to his first wife to get queen and her partner to be Ruler. This was William of Orange colored and Martha. They, pressured, gave the Whig get together more power and created a constitutional monarchy. The rebellion in the united states was related, because the one in England sparked it. Puritan leaders and military seized their chief excutive, Andros, and sent him back to Great britain, mainly for his strong support of following a English Chapel. The poor maqui berry farmers, whose rates were dropping, were fed up of being taxed by Catholic officials. This resulted up in the Dominion of Great britain to be split up. This included the Full appointing govt officials, land-owning men to vote, and no Puritan constraints on the Chapel of Great britain.

How performed the Southern Atlantic Program work, and what had been its key elements? Just how did it form the development of the different colonies?

Britain's attention for the American groupe reproduced the expansion of a new agricultural and...

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