twenties LIfe

 1920s LIfe Essay

Governmental policies

Communism is usually an economic program in which any nearly all house and methods are jointly owned by a classless world and not simply by individual people. -Marxism


-Countries affected social beliefs


Socialism is definitely an economic system in which services and goods are provided through a central system of cooperative and government control rather than through competition and free marketplace system. Fascism is a politics ideology that imposes tight social and economic ing measures as being a method of strengthening the government and stripping people of privileges. This type of authoritative system is usually run simply by an absolute master who uses violence an strict laws and regulations to control people. -Racism



-Destructive nationalistic politics


Prohibition-was a national ban on the sale, creation, and transport of liquor, in place by 1920 to 1933. The dry movements was led by Protestants in the two political and was matched by the Anti-Saloon League. This kind of affected various social and economical elements in our lives' both after that and now. Arranged crime, loss of life rates, plus the amount of alcohol related laws all went up. Women's Voting Rights Suffrage is the right to vote, and modern democracies, including the Usa, extend that right to just about all responsible adult citizens, an ailment known as common suffrage. Persons in this time looked at women because citizens only if it arrived at certain factors. One of these factors did not range from the right to political election. The right to election was reserved for landowners or passed down politics power. Women were considered inferior to men. Guys thought that they'd always been the strong 1 and without guy we would not be anywhere •Red Scare

Simply put, the Red Scare was the fear of communism in the united states. The major issues that contributed to this fear was Spain and their threat as well as the Cuban missile problems. Communism my spouse and i

•Immigration Constraints


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