02 03 Assessment

 02 03 Assessment Article

п»їAdvertisement Graph

How exactly does the

ad work with logos?

How does the advertising use solennite?

How does the

ad use ethos?

Does the ad seem effective to you?

Explain the reasoning.

Your chosen electronic device

Actor or actress demonstrates a few of the many highlights of the device. В В The actor appears to be very happy with the device. В Aaron Paul is a widely known acting professional and is endorsing this product. В

This ad seems like it would be very effective, due to the movie star endorsement, and the joy the actor definitely seems to be having В

Internet connect to the advertisement


A vehicle you would like to own someday

The ad shows that the auto is customizable to fit any kind of person's needs or wants. В

The individuals shown in the video seem to be intrigued while looking at the car. В

This kind of ad does not use any kind of celebrity real reviews or state any trustworthiness. В

Yes, partially since I am biased because I love mustangs and at present drive one particular. Internet connect to the advertisement


A foodstuff or beverage that seems healthy

The ad states that the method an energy drink and that it is risk free. В

" The Insanely Healthful Energy Drink”

No displayed use of cast.

Somewhat, because of its bright colours and interesting design.

Internet link to the advertisement


A great amusement park or holiday destination you would like to go to В Shows a theme park with a lot of attractions and things to do. В The people in the video appear to be very happy and joyous. В

Yes, Disney looks like an extremely enjoyable location to be. В

Internet hyperlink to the advertisement


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