The Importance of Knowing How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay?

If you are aware how to write a five paragraph essay, you possessa valuable skill that you will need to get through your studies.Read the tips below to find out how you can compose aprofessionally-written essay.

Characteristics of the Essay

Many people assume that a paper is an ordinary composition.However, it is not.

The essay is a prosaic literary genre. When Translated fromFrench, it means an outline. It reflects the individualexperiences of the author and his position on a certain issue. Itdoes not offer an exhaustive answer to a particular question, butreflects one’s own opinion or impression.

When composing an essay, the logic develops marvelously alongwith the ability to argue one’s opinion, and correctly presentinformation. Style of presentation is more focused onconversational.

If you wish to know how to write a five paragraph essay properly,you should consider the specific features that distinguish itfrom other genres.

The main features of the paper contain:

  • The availability of a certain narrow topic, which contains anissue and prompts the reader to reflect.
  • Subjective author’s position. The essay is distinguishedprecisely by the presence of the author’s view of the existingproblem, its relation to the world, speech, and thinking.
  • Spoken style of writing. It is required to avoid complicatedformulations and lengthy sentences. It is crucial to go after alaid-back style to establish contact with the reader. It isimportant not to overdo it, turning the paper into a substandardtext full of slang. The correct emotional color of the text willbe given by short, simple, and understandable sentences, the useof different intonations in proposals.
  • A full-length analysis of the problem. Your own point of viewhas to be argued on the basis of factual material.
  • Relative brevity of presentation. There are no restrictionson the number of pages, but the essay is characterized by a smallsize.
  • Unrestricted construction. The paper has a feature ofpresentation that doesn’t fit into any definite framework. Theconstruction obeys its own logic, which the author adheres to,attempting to consider the problem from different angles.
  • Logic of exposition. Despite the free composition, the essayhas to have an internal unity, consistency of the author’sstatements, expressing his opinion.

Thus, the essay is distinguished by a special style of narrativeand aims to induce the reader to reflect. The author does notinsist on his position, but as if invites the reader to meditateon it and discuss it.

Common Errors in Composing an Essay

Being aware of the most common mistakes will help prevent themwhen composing your own essay.

  • Mistake #1. The fear of being misunderstood or not making theright impression helps the author remove all the extra andoutstanding parts from the essay. Due to this, the paper can loseits individuality and uniqueness.
  • Mistake #2. Insufficient elaboration of particulars. A usualmistake is the existence of an assertion, which is not supportedby a sufficient number of arguments in the form of examples andproofs.
  • Mistake #3. Misunderstanding of the essence of the problemstated in the essay or the wrong interpretation of the topic.
  • Mistake #4. Enumeration of other people’s opinions, withoutindicating their authorship and lack of their own point of view.

All the charm of the genre of the essay consists in the absenceof strict limitations. Full freedom of creativity, theopportunity to express your opinion, and share your thoughts, anunconventional solution to the problem – these are featuresinherent in the essay, making this genre attractive to a creativeperson, generating original ideas.

Commence with a Plan

If you wish to know how to write a five paragraph essayeffectively, before composing you need to work on a plan, whichwill assist you to keep up with the theme. To commence, brieflycompose the subheadings with the studies and the ideas in them,which you think are relevant. The good plan should include these:

  • Entry section
  • The first argument
  • The second argument
  • The third argument
  • Conclusion

Entry Part

The entry part should contain the theses of your paper, i.e., itssummary. It is the entry that assists the author to draw theattention of the reader, explaining the things covered further.

The last proposal of this part is a connection to the nextsection.

The First Argument

In this section of the paper, there must be the weightyarguments, the brightest evidence, and elucidation of your ideason the subject or the very beginning of the reasoning.

The first proposal of the main section is a continuation, whichyou have already built in the last proposal of the entry.

An overall description of the content of this section should beeither in the first or in the second proposal. The content itselfshould be correlated with the one you described in the entry.

The last proposal can serve as a bridge to the next part.

The Second Argument

The second strongest argument, the second most important example,and illustration to your thinking or their continuation, begun inthe previous section of the essay, should be described here.

The first and last proposals are bridges, assisting to form asingle main part.

As for the content description of this section, to do the same asdescribed above.

The Third Argument

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This is the section where you need to offer the weakest argumentyou have, as well as an insignificant example and illustration,which are not as weighty as the first two. Also, indicate alogical outcome to your reflections. With the first proposal ofthis section, write the contents of it as you did before.

The last paragraph of the section should show the reader that theargumentation or description of the issue in the pape is over.Also, the sentence should a be a connection to the conclusion.


The fifth section of the paper is summarizing the conclusions. Itis very important to confirm the overall thesis of the paper withthe assistance of three ideas outlined in the main section, sincethis is the last chance you have to persuade the audience in yourrightness.

This section should include:

  • The reference to the plan, indicated in the entry.
  • The reiteration of the main thesis – not with a quote, butwith a retelling using other words or hinting that theformulation already was presented in the entry.
  • Generalization of arguments and ideas from the main part ofthe essay.
  • Your final statement, which makes it clear to the reader thatthe discussion is ending (if the paper should induce to action,then it’s time to include a direct motivation here).

Other Tips on How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay

  • Don’t be smart, be clear – combine your best ideas Theobjective of the paper is to check the level of your knowledge,and not the depth of your ideas. This is especially important forthose whose activities are relevant to science, since in thescientific sphere, first of all, the quality and quantity ofideas are evaluated. Combine your best positions and discussthem. Don’t write absolutely everything you know about. Try tomake the most understandable explanation of the subject.
  • Write about what you understand. Questions are drawn up sothat any could answer them. Some are very worried about having agood thought. However, the thought that you need, should beextremely simple and clear. Practical solution – remember whatyou know best, start from your own experience. You just need tocarefully read the question, which says what has to be done.
  • It’s easier to offer an example than an explanation. Duringthe exam, you are stressed. You want everything to be as easy aspossible. A good recommendation in this case is to concentrate onsuitable examples, not explanations. Sometimes it is difficultenough to reply to some questions. You may often make up toolong, complex, and not always understandable suggestions. In thissituation, it is best to meditate on suitable examples. Givingexamples is always much easier, because you just describe thesituation. You just need to ensure that you picked up a suitableexample for this particular situation.

Rest and Then Reread the Essay

Once you finish writing the paper, put it aside for some time.Later, after reviewing it one more time, you will indubitablynotice something that can be improved. Moreover, it is normal ifyou prepare several drafts before the final version issatisfactory.

If you don’t have time to place your work away, ask your relativeor friend to edit it. A person may not agree with the friend’scriticism, but his fresh glance will let you look at the paperfrom the position of the audience.

Any good paper follows some structure. When composing afive-paragraph paper, its design has to be specific and fixed.However, the text that you compose within this structure isundoubtedly yours.

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